Who’s Attending the 25th?

As of July 25, 2011, this is the cadre of classmates planning to attend some or all of the festivities!  If you should be on this list but are not, please drop a comment here so we can update the list.  As more names come along, the list will be updated.  Thanks!
  1. Liza Teodoro
  2. Jennifer Theiling
  3. Jeff Miller
  4. John Warren
  5. Beth Atkins
  6. Cecelia Hoffman
  7. Carol Vaughan
  8. Melissa Hoffman
  9. Matt Yeager
  10. Lisa Redman
  11. Lori Arrington
  12. Harvey Harmon
  13. Kelly Kight
  14. Andy Bshara
  15. Kathryn Dailey
  16. Chris Krivonyak
  17. Shannon Malone
  18. Jane Perry
  19. Karen Clark
  20. Angie Webb
  21. Sandi Hackworth
  22. Elizabeth Damewood
  23. Robert Burns
  24. Celso Puente
  25. Jeff Vickers
  26. Bryan Strickland
  27. Bruce Beisner
  28. Rich Fredrickson
  29. Sheri McKown
  30. Kurt Lundgren
  31. Roger Adkins
  32. Frank Lambert
  33. Shawn Copeland
  34. Steve Curnutte
  35. Pat Cole

12 responses to “Who’s Attending the 25th?

    • Hey David, I’m not sure who is managing that. Are you on Facebook? GWHS has a group for all classmates with no year restrictions, you could ping it out over there or if you are not on FB I’d be glad to do it for you. Let me know!

  1. I sent in the money 2 weeks ago, but I’m not on the above list yet. Did the money get through?
    We intend to attend all events: 4 for picnic, 2 for dinner.
    Bryan Strickland

    • Bryan, this is an important system check, thanks for letting me know. Jane has all the money and is just funneling me names for the site. Let’s make sure with her that she has your check. Excited to see you soon…..

  2. I’d RSVP’d no, but our plans have changed and I’m going to try very hard to get all the Mouws to the picnic. There are six of us. Is that OK? I can bring food. I’m sorry about the late notice, but it would be so great to see you all.

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