Back in the Day

Final Exam!

Kurt Lundgren

Carol Vaughn and Kurt Lundgren

Juan Iranguray and Kevin McGarty

John Porter

John Porter, Stephanie Osborn, and the unnamed demised (Asad Khan, allegedly)

Julie Rucker

John Turner

Stephanie Osborn and Scott Baker

Mr. Ferrell (math)

Thad Keener

Thad Keener and Julie Rucker

Cecelia Hoffman, Carol Vaughn, Jennifer Theiling

Mr. Ferrell (physics)

Bill Jackson and Chris Krivonyak

Bill Jackson (dig those cars!)

Chris Allen

Cecelia Hoffman and Carol Vaughn

Carol Vaughn

David Artz and Jim Sims (Mary Beth Curry, background)

Elizabeth Damewood (Missy Bucci, Debbie McVitty, Scott Myers)

Asad Khan and David Artz

Brent Aikman

Brian Carr and Juan Iranguray

Bill Jackson and Andy Cooke

Brian Joerg

Brian Wilson

Shawn Copeland, Jennifer Theiling, David Artz, Derrick _____ ?

Steve Curnutte, Andy Cooke, David Artz

Elizabeth Damewood, Sara Stalnaker

Jon Miller, and…..who is that fellow on the donkey?

Principal Paul Callaghan

Teacher Steve Brown and V-P Larry Lohan

Todd Spencer, John Porter,?, ?, and Jon Miller

John Porter, Kelley Cole, John Turner and Todd Nichols

John Porter and Elizabeth Damewood

Stephanie Osborn, Scott Myers, Julie Rucker, Liza Teodor, Scott Baker, Missy Bucci

Scott Myers, Michael Chapman, Shawn Copeland, John Warren, John Porter, Scott Baker, Mike Ayoubi, Brian Wilson

Missy Bucci, Stephanie Osborn, Sheri McKown, Shawn's date (?), Julie Rucker, Liza Teodoro, Elizabeth Damewood, Cecelia Hoffman, Sara Stalnaker


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