Visit the new page for photos from the 15th!

There will also be a page soon for photos from the 20th, and of course plenty from this year’s event celebrating the 25th!  Anyone have pics from the 10th to share?

Keep those cards and letters coming….


Catch the Pearl and Ride the Dragon’s Wings…everyone’s doing it!

Try telling me the powers that be don’t know it’s our 25th reunion year — I heard these back to back while shopping at Kroger’s in 25314 today!  Check the “Who’s Attending the 25th” page for recent updates……….and send those photos!

And here come the pictures!

Can you even handle how cute they are?

To see more about these darlings, as well as other photos sent in by Mr. John Porter, visit the new website page “Photos from Back in the Day.”  We need some help identifying a few mystery faces (probably only mysterious to me and my bad eyes).  If you have JPEGs to share, please drop a comment here and I’ll send you my email address.

FYI, there is also a new page on the website about “What’s New in Chucktown?”  If it’s been awhile since you visited Charleston, you will want to check it out.

Thank you, and the countdown is on!

Sultans of Grill

The latest of the latest….Happy Friday!

Picnic on Saturday will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Shelter number 8 (eight) at Kanawha State Forest is the one closest to the pool and playground.

We’re having hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, soda, etc. If you want name-brand anything, you may consider bringing it.

We’ll be grilling there … anyone volunteer to (wo)man the grill? 🙂

Babysitting will still be provided for the dinner at Fazios.  Jane Perry’s daughters, ages 20 & 17, are available to care for your children at Jane’s house. If you are interested in having them babysit, please contact Jane or drop a comment here and we can get you in touch!

Old…It’s the New Young by Betty Londergan

Fantastic blog post on a 40th reunion, had to share!  Click here to read the whole thing: Old….It’s the New Young

“Nobody was posturing or had much to prove – probably because after 40 years, everybody’s been kicked to the floor a couple of times and failed at something –so we celebrated each others’ successes and commiserated with the inevitable disappointments.  It was a time to bask in the warmth and laughter of people who knew you back when your mom cut your bangs straight across, you got a black eye falling out of a tree, and everybody in the neighborhood went barefoot all summer long, playing Capture the Flag and Red Rover out in the streets until it was too dark to see, then hightailed it home when your mom whistled to come on in and take a bath before bedtime.”