Moving the Soul | by Brent Aikman

Brent in Colorado

“On the occasional Saturday, Hack would pick me up and we would go ride.  Sometimes we would ride with his dad, sometimes not.  But we would go.  We would ride into the mountains of West Virginia.  By that time, I had travelled a number of roads and had seen many parts of the state, but all through a car window.  I was now seeing it from a new perspective and with new sensory input.  The change of temperature in the warm spots of the sun, the cool spots in the hollows.  Light shifting through the trees.  Wonderful smells would sift through the helmet; wildflowers in bloom, horses in the meadow, fresh baked bread, something dead in the ditch, car exhaust, flowing water, fresh air.  I was in the wind, exposed to the elements.  It rained and I got wet.  The temperature dropped as we rode north into higher elevations and I got cold.  The sun burst through the fog and the extra layer I put on to fend off the morning chill was now too much.  Bugs splatted off my helmet, jacket, and boots.  My clothes got covered in road grime and saturated with sweat.  And all I could do was smile.”

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New page up – see some very cute pics from the 10th

New page is up for photos from the 10th!  Special thanks go to Lisa Jackson for these earliest photos.  FYI, there is no deadline, ever, for sending in pictures, so any time is great.

Also, per a recent inquiry into “dress code” for events (ahem…dress code?  Come on now…..), there is none other than your common sense.  We’re 40 something, yes?  We’ve earned the right to wear whatever we so please.  Plus, it’s casual at the school, very casual at the picnic, and even Fazio’s is a pleasantly nice but family-type environment — though please do remember this event is adults-only.  Child care options are available, just let us know you need more info and we can connect you with Jane Perry Brewer and her set-up at her house during dinner on Saturday night.

Given all this and the crazy heat, if I see any jackets or pantyhose anywhere, citations will be issued.

Instead of actually dressing up, I say enjoy some ZZ Top from 1983:

And here come the pictures!

Can you even handle how cute they are?

To see more about these darlings, as well as other photos sent in by Mr. John Porter, visit the new website page “Photos from Back in the Day.”  We need some help identifying a few mystery faces (probably only mysterious to me and my bad eyes).  If you have JPEGs to share, please drop a comment here and I’ll send you my email address.

FYI, there is also a new page on the website about “What’s New in Chucktown?”  If it’s been awhile since you visited Charleston, you will want to check it out.

Thank you, and the countdown is on!