New Faces Posted!

See the reunion photos for some beautiful new smiling faces — Kim Eplin in the QSA; Karen Clark, Roger Adkins, and Jeff Miller at the KSF  picnic.

Still need some other faces….Sandi Hackworth, Matt Yeager, Angie Webb, and Pat Cole for sure.  Here are other names given as attending, but I am not sure they made it.  Can anyone confirm if I need pictures of these fine people?  Thanks!

  1. Lisa Redman
  2. Lori Arrington
  3. Harvey Harmon
  4. Kelly Kight
  5. Chris Krivonyak
  6. Jeff Vickers
  7. Frank Lambert

One response to “New Faces Posted!

  1. None of those attended the QSA … Lori MIGHT have made it to the picnic or dinner – I didn’t get to see everyone at both of those. The others … no signatures on the sign-in sheet from Friday night or Saturday afternoon.


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