Sultans of Grill

The latest of the latest….Happy Friday!

Picnic on Saturday will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Shelter number 8 (eight) at Kanawha State Forest is the one closest to the pool and playground.

We’re having hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, soda, etc. If you want name-brand anything, you may consider bringing it.

We’ll be grilling there … anyone volunteer to (wo)man the grill? 🙂

Babysitting will still be provided for the dinner at Fazios.  Jane Perry’s daughters, ages 20 & 17, are available to care for your children at Jane’s house. If you are interested in having them babysit, please contact Jane or drop a comment here and we can get you in touch!


3 responses to “Sultans of Grill

  1. Thanks for taking care of the site! I just scanned some pictures from the old photo album. How would you like me to get them to you?

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