* The “Who’s Attending the 25th” page has been updated.  Check it out!

* It was mentioned on Facebook but needs to be mentioned here, the floor is open for:

  • blog posts about your memories of GWHS
  • current or old photographs in JPEG format
  • your favorite YouTube or other online video clips reflecting the culture of our “era”
  • heck, anything you want to share (just about) — poems you wrote in high school, things you wish you’d done and plan to try at the reunion, true confessions, big plans, wishes and hellos to old friends, etc.  I’ll do my best to save you from yourself if it’s too strange.
You can post comments online yourself, or just post a comment here saying, “This is (name). Get in touch with me.”  Please use your name in 1986, not your sexy new stage name or married name.  The comment itself allows me to see your email address, and I’ll send you mine so we swap info.  Currently only a blog admin can generate actual posts, so just let me know what you want to see and if you want to be credited or anonymous.
  • The class is seeking an additional blog admin for this site.  The job can be as big or small as you like, but the primary purpose is to have someone else with access to managing the site in case I disappear.  Seems prudent, yes?  If you are a WordPress blogger or plan to become one and are willing to help, please drop a comment here.
  • There are a lot of suggestions for planning right now, and the request is that those be recorded and shared, but not until this reunion is wrapped up with a nice bow.  If you are actually attending the reunion and have a request for something, do throw it out there.  The planning team of Jane Perry and Shannon Malone is right the thick of carrying off this reunion’s plans, and the most helpful thing is to hold thoughts for downstream until the next planning team takes over for the 30th.
Jane and Shannon did not ask me to say this, I am saying it as an observer and former planner.  What could be changed is very important, but now is not a helpful time to share it.  Please hold those very good thoughts and they will be used to evaluate the class planning process and help planners going forward.  When the dust settles, we will certainly do an evaluation and get feedback.  It is the key to things always getting better.
As Garth said, “Live in the now!”
Thank you!

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